COMBO: Limited Edition Gift Card & TGITC Enamel Cup

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COMBO: Limited Edition Gift Card & TGITC Enamel Cup


COMBO: The perfect gift (for yourself!)

TGITC Enamel Cup & Limited Edition Mr Studio London Gift Card

Feel as cool as this TGITC enamel cup at home. Perfect for any brew inside or outside. Retro & robust. Perfect size (13oz) for any kind of home filter coffee (V60, Aeropress, Cafetiere)

Purchase combo to also receive:

A collaborative project with London designer Mr Studio London, has resulted in beautiful, one-of-a-kind "Coffee Bloom" blank cards. 

Made from wild & home grown flowers, they have been selectively picked, pressed and designed. 

Incredibly delicate like coffee, the words "Coffee Bloom" also refer to when hot water touches the coffee grounds, they immediately purge themselves of the carbon dioxide to create a “bloom.”

A brilliant card for any coffee lover, professional or enthusiast.