Ep 1: Tara Viggo from Paper Theory


Episode 1: Tara Viggo from Paper Theory

“Your intentions mean nothing…your actions mean everything.”

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In this episode we talk about rejection, grit, what to do when you are disillusioned about the very industry you held up so high?

We also talk about how your ideas, intentions and beliefs mean nothing if it’s not backed up by your work and every area of your life through ACTION.

Listen to this episode for more of her great storytelling…

Tara Viggo is originally from the Cook Islands, she grew up in  NZ (where Im from too though that’s not how I know her!). She has been living and working in London as a pattern cutter for almost 12 years right across the industry from High street stalwarts like Top Shop and All Saints to luxury catwalk brands like J. W Anderson, Erdem, Nicole Fahri and Roland Mouret. She has achieved many things, but it’s this breadth of experience has given her insight and expertise into how the fashion industry works and fuelled her desire to SLOW. FASHION. DOWN…by going back to basics and creating her own online brand by helping sewers create an ethical and sustainable wardrobe with contemporary downloadable patterns that is blowing up on instagram under her brand @Paper_Theory

Not a stranger to hard graft, she had many barriers to push through to get to the top of the fashion industry, by out-working everyone, and being better than her competition. Once she got to the “pinnacle" of success in such a highly sought after industry, she realised that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Her transition from working for someone else to owning her own successful business that focuses on sustainable, ethical fashion that is culturally diverse and size inclusive. Her business has grown about 300% in 5 months which is nothing short of amazing. But this is down to putting action into her ideas and beliefs. But how does this translate to her personal life? Is she winning in that area too…?

….listen for more of her inspiring story.

“Action is the only thing that will make a difference and it’s not just in business”

Tara Viggo @paper_theory

Show Notes:

Three practical things we can do to be more socially conscious:

  1. Look at your actual consumption as a whole and do the personal work. We can’t buy our way out of the problem. Learning to buy nothing is key. Start to question your thinking. For example, why do you need a new dress for a new occasion - and look at why you think this way.

  2. Wash your clothes less - chemicals found in fish isn’t just from plastics, its from plastic fibres washed out in clothes. Clothes last longer, then you need to buy less.

  3. Wear natural fibres over synthetic fibres. Linen is the best.

Some ethically sustainable brands that Tara thinks are great :

  • Fashion Revolution - an informative platform for sustainable development goals @fash_rev

  • Bare Boutique - BARE is a line of basics and underwear made with bamboo. Designed in Naarm, Australia and made in Bali. @bare.boutique

  • Kowtow Clothing Usually Tara buys vintage denim because denim is so bad for the environment, but Kowtow is a label that she has discovered that uses renewable and sustainable fibres and ethical manufacturing to deliver collections that are utilitarian, minimal and carry an understated sense of femininity. @kowtowclothing

  • Sunski Sunglasses Is a new brand that Tara has discovered this brand that makes polarised sunglasses out of recycled plastic! @sunski I actually own some myself, and I LOVE them!!

#Builttoresist Eastpak supporting independent women with strong voices.

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