Ep 3. Kim Ngo from Food and Lycra


Episode 3: Kim Ngo from Food and Lycra

“Movement is not a punishment, it is an act of self love - training for your mind, balance for your body.”

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In this episode we talk about how the pressures of city work life and how being negatively body conscious was taking a toll on her health and well-being. Kim talks about how fitness and exercise was initially a major struggle! But it saved her from unhappiness and ultimately taught her the power of self-love over self-hate in sustaining motivation and achieving success.

Kim shows through her story, how important it is to know what your life philosophy is, in order for your business and personal life to succeed, grow and truly feel fulfilling. She shares some practical ideas on what she did to prepare for her shift from a job as a chartered accountant to a master trainer at 1Rebel and a nike trainer, whilst co-founding increasingly popular platform Food & Lycra.

With a Vietnamese cultural background, we relate how filial piety can add to the pressures of an “unconventional” career and of course we talk about food and her attitude towards it!

Listen to this episode for more insight into how you can open up possibilities for yourself…

Food and Lycra was founded six years ago by friends Kim Ngo, Rachel Tran and Laura Lakam which is a food and fitness platform that documented their fitness journey with the aim to help inspire women and girls everywhere to get up and get moving, to break stereotypes of what fitness looked like for women on social media - no matter what their ability and to have fun while doing it.  

With a distaste for diets, these girls are passionate about food and fitness with their motto ”we run to eat”. They can be seen traveling all over the globe doing events where they are moving their bodies to promote fitness alongside eating all sorts of decadent foods!

Kim who’s background is in maths and accounting which was her day job until she turned what she loved into her business. Her story is inspiring because she made sacrifices to create and make her everyday life enjoyable, full-filling and lucrative. She is now a PT, Master Trainer at 1Rebel, Nike trainer and inspiring women all over the London and beyond to get off their butts, eat what you want (with a decent lashing of greens) and feel good doing it!

Even though at times through Food & Lycra, they often feel the common “impostor syndrome”, she is positive that this is what makes them and their messages so relatable because they are just like you and me. They are not promoting ‘bikini bodies’, but encouraging people to have fun through movement and enjoying life through different food.

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Look at your life, not just your career.

Kim Ngo, Food & Lycra



  1. Think about your next commute: Walk it instead, or get off a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the route.

  2. Use the stairs instead of the lift

  3. Walk’n talk: Suggest that your next work meeting be a walking meeting. Get out of the office, walk outside, walk to a cafe together or if you’re bold go for a running meeting!


  1. Fibre: Leafy greens, which will produce good gut bacteria, like broccoli, kale, morning glory, ocra (ladys fingers) asian greens

  2. Protein: which are muscle builders

  3. Carbs: Don’t cut these out but eat in moderation.

**Drink lots of water! 2 litres. More if you are hot and working out. Especially if you drink a lot of coffee! (Hydrate before caffeinate)

Kim on changing your attitude and perception around food and exercise

"Start seeing movement as a reward not a punishment. Changing your mind frame will change your attitude towards exercise and you will likely do more of it!



Ep 2: Sarah Akwisombe from No Bull Business School



“If you’re constantly letting yourself down…how are you ever going to believe in yourself that you can achieve anything?”

In this episode we talk about what success and entrepreneurship means to her and how redefining it regularly is key in helping you achieve your goals.

Sarah gives practical tips on how to make £10k more a year, what you must do before you start any brand or business and the realities of running a business with your husband.

With her refreshing, no bullshit approach to life and business Sarah also identifies the key problems she believes is really holding women back from pursuing what they love….

Listen to this episode for more of her straight talking gems and experience!


Sarah Akwisombe is a double award winning blogger and interior stylist born and raised in Croydon. After getting fired from her boring, high pressured office job she decided to follow her gut, take the plunge and try to get into interiors. 

Since then she has assisted some of the best stylists in the industry and worked for some of UK's biggest homeware brands, like M&S, Dwell, BHS, Paint by Conran and DFS. Her love for interior design had always been strong, although she realise it until she purchased her first art deco flat with her husband and gave it a complete makeover! Documenting this, her flat was so admired by friends and followers. she endeavoured to work as much as possible as an interior stylist. But as an added by-product of this journey, she realised that others might be struggling with change of careers too!  So she also started The No Bull Business School (@NoBullSchool) – which are online courses specifically to help women build a“kick-ass”business and brand which is something she is equally passionate about…

Always fiercely creative and living a life with no boundaries or restrictions and having married at a very young age of 19, she came to a crossroad where she had to ask herself some hard questions about what she really wanted for her life - this has shaped the successful woman she has become today.

But is being a “crazy creative” with a million ideas, running a rapidly growing business with your husband and baby number two on the way all it’s cracked up to be?

….listen for more of her inspiring story along with great insights from her life experiences in this podcast.

“It’s not that difficult to make money. It’s a lot about how you think -

your mindset.”

Sarah Akwisombe



  1. A good sofa - because you spend so much time on it, and it’s always on show.

  2. A really good mattress - because again you spend so much time in bed. Eve is one of her favourite brands.

  3. Art work - because even if your walls are white, but you pick out artwork that you like it will always make a room look cool.


  • Ebay - you can find everything on there especially vintage or antiques and one offs - like discontinued curtains, light fixtures etc. It’s where Sarah always shops first.


  1. Test your idea on people who don’t know you. Work out if there’s a market for it. Eg: make a bunch of product and open a market stall, or create a website and sell the product to see if people will pay cold hard cash.

  2. Be serious from the beginning. Work out your finances, get an accountant, work out how much you need to sell each month, do sales projections from the beginning…then you’ll have more chance of doing well.

  3. Be really clear about what you do and who you do it for. Be consistent with the message - don’t try to appeal to everyone.




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Ep 1: Tara Viggo from Paper Theory


Episode 1: Tara Viggo from Paper Theory

“Your intentions mean nothing…your actions mean everything.”

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In this episode we talk about rejection, grit, what to do when you are disillusioned about the very industry you held up so high?

We also talk about how your ideas, intentions and beliefs mean nothing if it’s not backed up by your work and every area of your life through ACTION.

Listen to this episode for more of her great storytelling…

Tara Viggo is originally from the Cook Islands, she grew up in  NZ (where Im from too though that’s not how I know her!). She has been living and working in London as a pattern cutter for almost 12 years right across the industry from High street stalwarts like Top Shop and All Saints to luxury catwalk brands like J. W Anderson, Erdem, Nicole Fahri and Roland Mouret. She has achieved many things, but it’s this breadth of experience has given her insight and expertise into how the fashion industry works and fuelled her desire to SLOW. FASHION. DOWN…by going back to basics and creating her own online brand by helping sewers create an ethical and sustainable wardrobe with contemporary downloadable patterns that is blowing up on instagram under her brand @Paper_Theory

Not a stranger to hard graft, she had many barriers to push through to get to the top of the fashion industry, by out-working everyone, and being better than her competition. Once she got to the “pinnacle" of success in such a highly sought after industry, she realised that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Her transition from working for someone else to owning her own successful business that focuses on sustainable, ethical fashion that is culturally diverse and size inclusive. Her business has grown about 300% in 5 months which is nothing short of amazing. But this is down to putting action into her ideas and beliefs. But how does this translate to her personal life? Is she winning in that area too…?

….listen for more of her inspiring story.

“Action is the only thing that will make a difference and it’s not just in business”

Tara Viggo @paper_theory

Show Notes:

Three practical things we can do to be more socially conscious:

  1. Look at your actual consumption as a whole and do the personal work. We can’t buy our way out of the problem. Learning to buy nothing is key. Start to question your thinking. For example, why do you need a new dress for a new occasion - and look at why you think this way.

  2. Wash your clothes less - chemicals found in fish isn’t just from plastics, its from plastic fibres washed out in clothes. Clothes last longer, then you need to buy less.

  3. Wear natural fibres over synthetic fibres. Linen is the best.

Some ethically sustainable brands that Tara thinks are great :

  • Fashion Revolution - an informative platform for sustainable development goals @fash_rev

  • Bare Boutique - BARE is a line of basics and underwear made with bamboo. Designed in Naarm, Australia and made in Bali. @bare.boutique

  • Kowtow Clothing Usually Tara buys vintage denim because denim is so bad for the environment, but Kowtow is a label that she has discovered that uses renewable and sustainable fibres and ethical manufacturing to deliver collections that are utilitarian, minimal and carry an understated sense of femininity. @kowtowclothing

  • Sunski Sunglasses Is a new brand that Tara has discovered this brand that makes polarised sunglasses out of recycled plastic! @sunski I actually own some myself, and I LOVE them!!

#Builttoresist Eastpak supporting independent women with strong voices.

Big thank you to @JamesLove_music for my music mix!