"COFFEE BLOOM" Greeting & Gift Cards


I’m so excited to release this exclusive TGITC in collaboration with MR Studio London!

** “Coffee Bloom” Definition: “The bloom is the part of the coffee brewing process in which the gasses from the coffee are released as the water hits the grinds. It causes the grinds to grow & rise. The CO2 that is inside the bean is purged out and replaced with the water and begins the brewing/extraction process.” [from The Roasters Pack blog ]

I’ve known MR Studio for about a year now. I met them by making coffee for them at my pop up café in Leytonstone last year so naturally our mutual love for coffee made us instant friends, plus I became a fan of their work ever since I first laid my eyes on it! They have been producing amazing, unique work since about 2012 and work on both private commissions and larger commercial projects too.  You need to check them out (and their cute cat 'Chicken").

I have often looked for a blank greeting card to give to one coffee lover from another - that isn’t a cartoon with something referring to "decaf". I wanted something beautiful and I love a clever word play, so it made sense to us to collaborate and work together on something a little special and different. The result? This beautiful “Coffee Bloom” blank gift card. 

These blank cards are prints made from dried and pressed flora, fauna and foliage that MR Studio has personally cultivated and/or foraged for in the wilderness. That is why there is such a vast range of species in their work - some you'll have never heard of or seen before. Their art and designs are so intricate and delicate, yet almost dream-like.

Available exclusively from The Girl in the Café webshop, it’s perfect to go with any coffee related gift this Christmas or just on its own for someone who appreciates coffee and the beauty of flowers.  

MR Studio currently have a Market Stand this weekend at the Christmas Makers Market, East Village. It's the LAST weekend to go, so go check it out all their other beautiful cards, prints and gifts. Such beautiful and unique xmas presents and cards for this Xmas.

Christmas Makers Market
6-9 West Park Walk
East Villiage
E20 1DL